Honoring Lives, Preserving Legacies

Honoring Lives, Preserving Legacies

Saying Goodbye is NEVER Easy

Saying Goodbye is NEVER Easy

We deliver the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family member’s at the most pivotal times of their lives by setting high standards of service, safety, and fair business practices.

Pre-Plan Funeral Services:

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Legacy

Pre-Plan Funeral Services:

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Legacy

Four Steps Infographic Chart

Peaceful Transition

Peaceful Transition
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Financial Assurance

Financial Assurance
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Preserve Legacy

Preserve Legacy
Four Steps Infographic Chart
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Avoid Family Disputes

Avoid Family Disputes
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Emotional Support

Emotional Support
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Ease Admin Hassels

Ease Admin Hassels
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Compassion and Dignity

Compassion and Dignity
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Nirvana Memorial Garden


Nirvana Memorial Garden

Founded in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore) is a vital constituent of the prominent Nirvana Asia Group, a globally recognized bereavement care provider renowned for its extensive expertise in managing memorial parks and funeral service for more than ten years.

Lin San Temple

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Free Hold

Lin San Temple

Lin San Temple (灵山寺) represents a recent and meticulously refurbished Buddhist sanctuary, concluding its redevelopment in 2022.

It offers a remarkable and distinctive opportunity for Freehold Columbarium Niches and Ancestral Tablets,

making it a one-of-a-kind spiritual haven.

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The Milestone in 2023


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Family Served


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Years of Service in Singapore


Real Estate Buildings

Number of branches


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Years of Services in Asia

Why Our Clients Choose To Work With Us?

Strong Brand Presence across ASEAN Region

Nirvana is the largest integrated bereavement care service provider in Malaysia with 14 branches, Indonesia (Jakarta and Medan), Singapore, and Thailand.

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Most Recognized and

Trusted Brand

Nirvana is the most widely recognized brand names in Malaysia and Singapore in terms of professionalism, trustworthiness, quality of services and products and facility maintenance.

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Pioneer in the Pre-Need Market in Asia

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Nirvana has been offering pre-need bereavement care services since 1990.

Enjoy Significant Pricing Premium

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Strategically targeting the premium segment of the bereavement care services market and enjoy significant pricing premium.

Comprehensive and Personalized Product Offerings

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One of the few bereavement care service providers in Asia that can offer fully integrated bereavement care solutions of customers

Maintenance Fee Protected

by Trust Fund

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Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte. Ltd. launched its Trust Fund in August 2012 by appointing Rockwills Trustee Limited, a member of the Rockwills International Group, as its trustee.

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Achievements and Acknowledgments

Nirvana Memorial Garden is driven by a passion for continuous innovation, constantly elevating our service standards through ground-breaking offerings.

Our exceptional team at Nirvana Memorial Garden has become a symbol of unwavering dedication and diligence.

Their tireless commitment has been richly rewarded, reflected in the numerous accolades we've proudly garnered. These recognitions fuel our relentless growth and expansion, driving us from one strength to the next.


Nirvana is ISO 9001:2015 bmtrada certified.


Nirvana was rewarded by Asian Funeral Exhibition (AFE)in 2012


Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore received Singapore Brand Award in 2012


The Hoffen Award by

One Asia Awards (Singapore)


Corporate Bronze Award by

Community Chest Award


Nirvana Singapore Book of Record


bixSAFE Level 3 Certification by

the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council

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Explore the Unique Benefits That Make Nirvana Memorial Garden the Preferred Choice for Families

6 Stars Niche Columbarium Suites

A symbol of luxury and eternal care.

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Harmony for All Beliefs.

Suitable for Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Catholic, Soka Gakkai, and Free Thinkers.

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Meaningful gatherings with family.

Affordable Elegance: Redefining Pre-Planning.

Embark on Affordability with 0% Interest Plans (Up to 48 months). Decisions Illuminated: Clarity Beyond Choices.

Step into Convenience with Full-Year Shuttle Services. From 9:45 am - 3:45 pm Drop off point @ Boon Lay MRT

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Navigate with Clarity:

Transparent Costs, No Surprises.

Craft Cherished Memories in Chinese Traditions. Eternal Assurance: Meaningful gatherings with family.

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Your Comprehensive Solution for Every Need. Prosperity's Gateway: Fengshui in Singapore.

Our Services & Products

Columbarium - Niches

Premium Suite

Nirvana Block A Premium Suite
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Modern Suite

Nirvana Block A Modern Suite
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Classic Suite

Nirvana Block A Classic Suite
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Standard Suite

Nirvana Block C Standard Suite
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Mansionette Suite

Nirvana Block C Mansionette Suite
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Family Suite

Nirvana Block C Family Suite
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Ancestral Pedestal

Ancestral Pedestals in Nirvana Memorial Garden are a good alternative for couples who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home.

It is a sacred item that connotes the virtue of filial piety.

Buddha Worshipping

The merits of lighting the Buddha Worshipping of the “Heng San temple” Buddhas – Siddhartha Gautama, Bhaisajyaguru, and Amitabha – will bring you and your family longevity and fullness of blessings in this life.

Prayer Services

Nirvana Memorial Garden is not just a place where the ashes of the departed lay to rest but is also a memorial garden with fully equipped facilities, beautiful environment and exemplary service from the heart; that serves to provide peace and comfort to both the departed

and their family.

Funeral Services Packages

Nirvana provides one-stop funeral packages and plans for immediate needs as well as pre-planning arrangements with customize solution.

Suitable for Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Taoism, Soka and

Free Thinker

The 8 Professional Steps Process to

resolve your doubts with us

1) Understand and analyze your unique


Let’s have our 1st discussion to understand more about pre-planning gifts for yourselves or your loved ones.

2) Understand your budget and likes

We hope to listen to your views, clarify your doubt, and pay very close attention to help you address your concern if any.

3) Book a tour and appointment

Booked an appointment with us. We will have a trained and dedicated authorized agent to bring you for a tour and provide you with details information.

4) Knowing you and your family members’


We hope to listen to your views, clarify your doubt, and pay very close attention to help you address your concern if any.

5) Identify your needs and customized


We will help you in your pre-planning process by identifying your needs. We will help you to discover the services and products that suit your pre-planning request.

6) Address your concern and resolve the problems

We are focusing on helping you to clarify your concern and resolve the problems that you are facing during the pre-planning process.

7) Guide you to make the right decision for

pre-planning gifts

With our professional skills, we will guide you to select the best pre-planning packages that suit you and your loved one.

8) Opportunity to become one of our team

Discover your full potential in this industry that is meaningful and find out how you can save cost by joining us.

Meet the Service Agent

Hello! I'm Cindy Chen Xin Yu, your trained, experienced and dedicated

Pre-Planning Funeral Service Agent. I am an authorised agent from Nirvana Singapore, Zen Box Agency.

With over two decades of diverse industry experience, I understand the intricacies of processes and services that matter most to you. I'm here to guide you on a journey of thoughtful pre-planning for your future.

Let's connect and explore the possibilities together. Contact me today to arrange a personalized tour and a pre-planning appointment.

Your peace of mind and your legacy deserve the attention they need.

Reach out to me now, and let's embark on this important journey of pre-planning together.

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+ 65 9273 4983

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Don't wait until it's too late.

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